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    An open mic with music,Ai??dance,Ai??theatre andAi??standup, in support ofAi?? the refugee crisis

    Adding a good cause to an evening of entertainment, city-based Aurora Charitable Society, a non-profit organisation, brings us Ode to Joy, an open mic night. With amateur performers from across the city on stage, we are told that hope, harmony and happiness are the predominant themes. ai???While celebrating art, we wanted to raise awareness about the humanitarian struggle,ai??? says Sruthakeerthi Mohan Ram, chief marketing officer, Aurora, adding that this is in aid of the global refugee crisis. WithAi?? nearly 25 performances, including music, dance, theatre and standup, expect Sudarsan Ramamurthy from Chennai Comedy, Deepak Srinivas, a city-based guitarist, and a performance of the play, War Kiss, directed by Karthik Anantharaman. Ram adds that it is up to the performers to theme their show on the refugee struggle. FoundedAi?? this January by a group of youngsters, Aurora has partnered with various events in the city, including Crea Shakthiai??i??s MY Theatre Festival and the IIT- Madrasai??i?? MUN to raise funds for the cause in the past, but this is their first standalone event. ai???There is nothing gloomier than not having a home. The world could do a lot better with more positivity,ai??? says Ram. Looking to reach a target of `2 lakh in the next
    six months, Aurora will pursue similar events for other causes, like education
    and sanitation.
    Rs 250 (inclusive of beverages and snacks). All proceeds will be donated to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). At The Port Cafe, from 4.30 pm. Details: 9940217616

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