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    Itai??i??s great to see radio stations go beyond music, movies and friendly banter. In an era when social media has cut distances, sending out a strong message makes sense as it ends up being viewed by scores of people. Radio Mirchiai??i??s latest video on Facebook, which throws light on eve-teasing and harassment faced by women outdoors and at workplaces, is one such initiative. Hereai??i??s a chat with city-based RJ Shivshankari.

    How did the idea come about?
    ai???I used safety pinsai???, ai???I used hair pinsai???, ai???Iai??i??ve stamped the personai??i??s feet hardai???. These are some of the things girls say when we talk about harassment. It was just a sudden spark to do this video, to give another angle to deal with these issues in a comical yet bold way, so that the message stands out.

    Are Mirchi presenters making a conscious effort to reach out with such videos?
    Social media is the future and for RJs like us, itai??i??s a great medium to connect with our listeners. We create videos not just on social issues, but also on fun things and serious topics when needed.

    Revista culturala online This video almost instantly became viral.
    The response has been terrific, almost equivalent to a movie running 100 days successfully. Actually, the intent was to utilise a tool like the video to express concern and make a difference. In two days, it got more than three lakh views. I will be equally happy if the message the video conveys also becomes viral.

    Are you looking at tackling any other serious issues?
    This was done as an amateur initiative with my colleagues. But it has encouraged us to look at more causes that we, as RJs, can help contribute positively to, by using fun as the main element. We are definitely looking forward to doing more such videos in order to keep the buzz going.
    Catch the video on Radio Mirchiai??i??s Facebook page. See you nextAi??week with more radio talk.

    ai??i?? talkingradio@gmail.com .
    The writerai??i??s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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