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A look at what makes the famous quantum physicist and his popular show work

Curious to know about the latest developments in science or what goes on behind the workings of a rescue robot? Tune into How Tech Works, a show on Discovery Science. Hosted by Dr Basil Singer, a quantum physicist, the show tells you more about the latest innovations in science. We got talking to Dr Singer about the show and the gadgets he cannot do without.

The show, to be telecast for the very first time in the country, hopes to have a great fan following. a�?I am very excited that the show is being brought to India,a�?says the physicist. a�?I look forward to it, as the Indian audience is quite advanced in the sciences and will enjoy it tremendously,a�? he adds. This time it is going to be a great mix of 3D printing, prototype solar power transmitters, robotics that can help paraplegics and more.

With a grandfather who was a chemist and an engineer for a father, it is no wonder that Dr Singer had a propensity for science right from his childhood. a�?Ia��ve always enjoyed playing around with gadgets, manipulating them in order to make them function differently,a�? Dr Singer confesses.

Television happened by chance to this bright physicist. After his Phd, Singer was on the lookout for a job and did not have much money in hand. Thata��s when one of his friends recommended that he start taking classes for students. Aged between 14-17 years, his students had to be kept engaged, and he thought he could do a better job with visuals. Seeing how good he was, the same friend suggested that he take a shot at television and things just fell in place. a�?I would use sports like skateboarding and sky diving to explain complex theories like conservation of angular momentum,a�? he says.

This scientist cannot do without his phone and iPad. And if not busy in his lab in Somerset, England, he is kite surfing or spending time with his daughter. And when he gets a chance to watch television he tunes into Breaking Bad as that is his current favourite.
How Tech Works airs Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Discovery Science.

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