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    Celebrity cosmetologist Chytra Anand brings her brand of cutting-edge solutions for hair loss and anti-ageing to townA�A�A�A�

    Dressed in form-fitting trousers and a white jacket, Dr Chytra V Anand is polished, articulate and full of energy. Shea��s 38, but can pass for 10 years younger. That in itself is a great testimonial to the skin clinic chain she heads. The founder-CEO of Kosmoderma, one of Bengalurua��s premier outfits, is in town to open its seventh outlet. She tells me shea��s been eyeing Chennai for a while. a�?The people are quite image conscious. Besides an interest in skin lightening and face contouring, I see a lot of demand for skin tone correction and hair loss solutions,a�? she says, adding, a�?I believe we are quite competitively placed because not only do we use FDA-approved machines and follow the latest evidence-based medicine, but I also bring 15 years of expertise working with some of the best clinics in London and my learnings from lecturing globally (she is the only Indian with the World Anti-Ageing Medicine Council).a�?
    Hairy tales
    At the clinica��housed in an old bungalow in Kilpauka��Anand tells us we can expect cutting-edge solutions for hair loss and anti-ageing. While they offer the popular growth factor therapy (derived from plant cells, these are injected into the scalp to promote hair growth) besides hair transplant solutions, Kosmoderma will be introducing their genetic hair serum treatment in a month. a�?We took three years to develop this. We take hair and blood samples, process it, extract the growth factors and customise a serum for you (`12,000 for 90 ml),a�? says Anand, who has a masters in dermatology from Londona��s Guya��s and St Thomasa�� Hospital and a fellowship in cosmetic dermatology from USAa��s Miller School of Medicine.
    Under the surfaceCHYTRA4
    For skin, while they cover much of what the city already hasa��like botox, fillers, laser hair removal and skin lighteninga��Anand believes their expertise with contouring will set them apart. a�?We specialise in face glamorisationa��from sculpting and augmentation to say making a hooked nose straight,a�? she says, adding that their machines like the Soprano ICE (for hair removal) and Revlite (for wrinkle, scar and pigmentation reduction) are the best and the latest. They are also in the process of developing a customised genetic skin serum for anti-ageing. a�?From a small tissue sample, we will test for levels of collagen and elastin, before extracting growth factors and creating a serum,a�? says Anand, who also works with acid burn victims to minimise their scars.
    Awarded the best medical aesthetic clinic chain honour at last yeara��s India Health and Wellness Summit, Kosmoderma also has its own skincare line, Kosmo Carea��with products that combine effective chemicals, natural antioxidants and essential oils. a�?All our doctors are trained at our institute in Bengaluru and we ensure everyone is caught up with trends through monthly Skype interactions,a�? she signs off.
    Consultation at Rs 500. Treatments from Rs 2,000 upwards. Details: 7811868686

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