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    Ita��s great to analyze work done by an employee at a radio station, however the method used to do the same needs an overhaul. Many stations in the country are devotees of the Bell Curve system of appraisal which is the corporate avatar of the Duckworth & Lewis confusion that is adopted in cricket. It all sounds technical but at the end you will be left scratching your head trying to figure out how the result was decided. Radio stations that have a large network need a mechanism to assess and analyze performance of an individual, which at the end is directly proportional to the money earned. Hence, the adulation for the Bell Curve. You ask around, you will find scores of radio professionals who swear that kili josiyam is more believable than the Bell Curve!
    It amazes me how someone sitting across the country views a questionnaire answered by you and then decides whether you get peanuts or a fist full of cash! Again, show me a method that measures creativity and if there is one, why arena��t great actors like Naseeruddin Shah or a Nawazuddin Siddiqui using this practice to analyze their performance? Simple, ita��s a hog wash of a technique to assess employees, especially those from the programming scheme of things. Ita��s as absurd as believing that you can own the rain!
    If talent needs to be assessed, then the individual assessing needs to be physically present to experience the contribution made by a programming personnel. Ita��s a joke when they do it sitting 2,000 kilometers apart. I know its a�?Be Nice to HRa�� at the time of appraisal, but that said, stations should ask themselves why Microsoft, Adobe, Google Twitter, etc dona��t use the Bell Curve.
    The Bell on this Curve doesna��t toll and thata��s why many companies worldwide and in the country, as are shunning this tool. Ita��s about time stations do the same and come up with something that isna��t a joke, especially when ita��s about shaping onea��s career. See you next week with more radio talk!


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