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    Besides options like Australian lamb and Norwegian salmon, Red Box Butchery sends home fresh duck, mutton and seafood too

    For those who cana��t help but think a�?just another delivery servicea��, Nicholas Paul, the man behind the week-old Red Box Butchery, points to the basics. a�?Regular butchers hang the meat for hours once the animal is slaughtered. This affects freshness and can cause the meat to become tough,a�? he says, explaining that meat should be handled in a temperature-controlled environment. This is why even his delivery bikes are fitted with insulated boxes and use imported gel packs to maintain temperature during delivery. But a hygienic butchery (all his products are washed only with bubble top water) and delivery across the city are not Paula��s only calling cards.
    In the business of fresh and imported meats and seafood for 10 years now, Paul used to own a chain called Prime Deli and is also on the speed dial of several hotels in the city. Through his delivery model, Red Box Butchery, which he plans to set up across multiple cities in South India over the next two months (also watch out for his cold-cuts project in the pipeline), he offers mutton, seafood and poultry like chicken, duck and turkey (even beef and pork on special orders). Amateur chefs and barbecue experts will love their range of cuts like brisket, rump steak and lamb rack with cap on or off, while we love that they offer frozen, imported meats like Australian and New Zealand lamb (from Rs 1,200-Rs 1,400 per kilo onwards).
    In the seafood department, therea��s rock lobsters, mud crabs, tiger prawns and hoki (New Zealand), basa (Vietnam), salmon (Norway) and octopus (Thailand). And with caviar catching on in the city, Red Box Butchery offers a salmon roe (Rs 800 for 50 gms) that can be the highlight of your next party. But if youa��re feeling truly luxurious, it must be the beluga at nearly Rs 15,000 a portion.
    Mutton from Rs 550 per kilo onwards. Details: 43570000, 65250250
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