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    The flagship store of the celebrity-endorsed Uber Salon is now open to city dwellers. Their range of international organic products cover hair or face masques and anti-aging aids to tanning mousse and daily face creams, for every skin and hair type that they claim are a�?almost safer than baby productsa��. Located on Vittal Mallya road, Neha Ahuja, associate director Uber Beauty Products says, a�?The flagship store sells the products and also has a salon for services using Uber products.a�? The products, made from ingredients such as frankincense, fresh fruit, sea kalp, keratin and ocean marine elements, have no chemicals, are gluten and paraben free, and will not irritate sensitive skin. a�?The products are very gentle, but that doesna��t mean they have less of an effect,a�? she explains, adding that repetitive treatment also doesna��t do any harm. Endorsed by Hollywood stars and originally created by the mother brand, Medichem in England for the royal family, we thought that it was worth a try. Especially when we heard that on the first day, products worth 1lakh were sold.1
    Giri Suraj and Vijaya whisked one of us to a mani pedi station and the other for some serious hair care. With the summer sun beating down and thanks to a recent diving trip to the Andamans, a hair spa was in order and Suraj got to work immediately to deal with the frizz.
    Tresses and curls
    After a swift wash and shampoo, the deep conditioning treatment began as he applied an intensive repair mask, to my unruly locks, layer by layer. Apparently a necessity for city folk thanks to pollution and chemicals in the air, this treatment can be done once a month to remove the grime and extra oils while adding balance to the natural moisture. A soothing massage of the head, neck and upper back followed in order to stimulate the senses as well as to let the nutrients be absorbed into the scalp. Then a quick hot towel session followed to open up the pores, and an even quicker rinse got rid of the excess product.
    Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated there was an extra bounce in our step and also in our hair. We found that while not tampering with the natural texture of the hair, mine being lightly curly, the treatment does soften and smoothen, leaving your mane shiny and healthier looking.
    Rs.1,000 upwards. At Lavelle Road. Details: uberproducts.com

    Skin-tillating session
    The mani-pedis were relaxing, with specialist Vijaya and her assistant taking over for this. Both were gentle and constantly checking if the pressure was alright. Right from the scrubs to the creams and nail polishes are made by Uber, and as told to us, we found they were mild yet effective. The massage chair allows you to unwind further, and the experts give you a good hand and foot massage, to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

    a��Aakanksha Devi


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