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    Following a 100-year-old recipe, Parula��s Magic is banking on the demand for traditional pickles.

    WHEN city-based Parul Bhatt is not busy spearheading her popular Prism PR Firm or putting final touches to her soon-to-be-launched cookbook, all her energy is invested in creating a lip-smacking range of heirloom pickles called Parula��s Magic. Made with century-old recipes that she learnt from her mother and grandmother, she began selling them commercially only this year. a�?The Gujarati Chundo and Methiya Keri pickles (sweet mango pickles) are a true labour of love for its method of preparation and care taken that is evident in its final taste at the table,a�? shares Bhatt, who says that the variety of mango used defines the pickle and hence insists on hand-picking the smooth and pulpy raw green Rajapuri variety of mangoes from her family farm in Gujarat for both the Chundo and Methiya Keri. Involving no cooking, these are then painstakingly grated and mixed with the perfect ratio of sugar and salt. Sundried and stirred for anywhere between 10 and 20 days, the mangoes are further treated to a generous dose of a secret spice blend of jeera powder, fine chilli powder and more, and allowed to mature for a week. The resultant bottled mix is a legendary combination of sweet, spicy and slightly sour that checks all the right boxes. Similarly her Methiya Keri pickle consists of chunky mangoes marinated in coarsely ground fenugreek seeds and mustard (kuriya) along with the spice mix. Sundried to perfection, the bottled brilliance is topped off with a thick layer of boiled pungent mustard oil. With neither any preservatives nor artificial colours, these naturally matured pickles have a shelf life of more than a year and are best paired with Indian staples such as parantha, dosa and khakhra and can even double up as a quick spread on your morning toast. While Bhatt is looking to make an online and retail presence next year, she currently delivers her goodies home.
    Rs 140 onwards(200 grams). Details: 9841014925

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