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No diets and no strain. And yet Jaya Mahesh promises a fitness makeover in 15 days

Flying in the face of experts who have long held that spot reduction (or working specific muscles to lose weight strategically) is a myth, JAYA1is a petite 45-year-old from Coimbatore. Jaya Mahesh is a self-taught body sculpting therapist who has been helping women keep off the weight, lose inches and even address issues like back pain and blood pressure. a�?She puts you through a series of stretches and muscle manipulation that gives you incredible results,a�? says Anur-adha Giri, a member of Sivaji Ganesana��s family who lost 20.5 inches after attending Mahesha��s first workshop in Chennai in January. The fitness guru explains further. a�?Twenty years of research, talking to experts, attending a variety of classes and making myself a guinea pig has helped me create a form of stretch therapy that gives you almost instant results. What worked on me is what I teach people,a�? says Mahesh, who has been conducting these classes for the last 18 years. Now with Giria��s help, she plans to hold workshops in the city once everyA�three months.

Fat to fit
It didna��t take much to steer Mahesh on to her career patha��just a really hard pregnancy at the age ofA� 25. a�?A complicated nine months saw my weight balloon from 58 kgs to 118 kgs,a�? says the mother of one. a�?I was so obese that I couldna��t walk 10 steps without gasping.a�? And for the former Mrs Coimbatore, this was not acceptable. a�?I went to a fitness instructor who showed me stretches to get me moving,a�? she explains.

As her body started responding, Mahesh decided she wanted to learn more. So she began talking to doctors, researching muscle manipulation and creating routines. a�?Everywhere I travelled I did coursesa��like face sculpting in Toronto (helps tone facial muscles to get a younger look) and stretch exercises in Lakshwadeep,a�? she says. a�?One of the courses taught me that many of your fitness problems are due to your mental state. So, in my classes, I do counselling, too.a�?

Body perfect
Today, Mahesh talks with all her students about concern areas and customises her classes. a�?Did you know that feeling unloved can give you back problems? In my classes, I follow a three-pronged approacha��counselling, a sensible diet (no crash diets, though) and muscle manipulation,a�? she says, adding that some of her students have lost a whopping 31 inches in 15 days. One of her students, Jaya Rajasekar, a housewife from Coimbatore, vouches for the results. a�?A fall in my 20s had damaged my knees. I couldna��t bend them or walk much. When treatments failed, I turned to Jaya. By the end of her class, I could sit on the ground,a�? she says.

Rs. 10,000 for the next 15-day workshop in July. Details: 9840083382

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