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    Discovery dedicates an entire channel to male-centric content

    Expanding its content to reflect the emerging interest in broader based a�?auto-dominateda�� shows, Rajiv Bakshi, Discovery Network Asia Pacific marketing VP, says it is a�?the first 24-hour multi-genre channel just for malesa��. a�?We earlier had a car, bikes, boats and aircraft focussed channel, but wea��ve included adventure and lifestyle shows which appeal to men,a�? he begins, adding that while he does expect a dramatic change in viewership after a quarter, they are already seeing a steady rise. a�?After intense research, wea��ve curated the schedule to offer a mix of series that men can enjoy,a�? he explains.
    Turbo charged
    Bold personalities such as Mike Rowe, Joel Lambert, Les Stroud and Gary Humphrey and Bill Wu will invade your living room with stuff on adventure, combat, DIY, hobbies, lifestyle, reality, trends, challenges, and auto. Mellow lifestyle shows like Dirty Jobs, with light humour, documents odd work that men do worldwide, while primetime shows tap into the male psyche with series like Manhunt or Toughest Mlilitary Jobs. These will offer high octane action to keep you glued. MANHUNT WITH JOEL LAMBERT
    Step inside the boxing world as five trainers work tirelessly to revive the sport in The Fighters, or the competitive world of bartering in the Dukes Of Haggle. Money-making genius Doug Hopkins is on top of housing auctions in Property Wars. Top Hooker, another Bakshi recommendation, is all about the worlda��s oldest profession a�� fishing! Here, top anglers compete against one another in a series of wildly out-of-the-box fishing challenges to win a truck and $30,000.
    Most lads will love Supercar Superbuild, which delves into the back-story of luxury cars ranging from the Dodge SRT Viper and the Lamborghini Huracan to the Bentley Continental GT V8 S and Porsche 918. a�?It is after all for a�?Men Like Thata�� because a�?men like thata��,a�? signs off Bakshi, referring to the tagline of the channel.
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