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    Radio presenting opens up numerous other work avenues. A radio jockey is wasting time if his or her efforts are only focussed on show presenting. Once you get the opportunity to host for a station, thata��s your starting point to figure out your creative range and abilities. Let me be honest here a�� Ia��m not talking about acting in movies, as many presenters have used the medium like a springboard to help them get to filmdom, not necessarily to stardom.
    Voicing for films and commercials, DJing, podcasting, blogging, theatre, writing, stand-up comedy, being an emcee, the list goes on. The quicker you identify your weapons in the armoury, the easier it is for you to fire. Emceeing is one hotspot for any presenter, as both require a few common skills. For example, talking to your listeners as if they are your long-lost friends. You also need to be interactive and identify with people you dona��t see, and create a positive impact within seconds.
    In the past, emceeing was about a script that needed to be read out at intervals during an event. Wea��ve come a long way since teleprompters. Today, hosting an on-ground event is about being with the crowd and not talking to it. Ita��s about thinking out of the box, innovating as the event rolls on and definitely keeping things light and informal. This, for sure, is a walk in the park for any radio presenter. However, talking in an empty room to a faceless crowd is far different when you are under lights and in front of people.
    Emceeing is a quick and sizeable money-churner. Ia��ve known radio hosts who do five events in a year and they earn more than what they regularly do. Ia��ve also known individuals who have hung up their boots (with regards to radio) and just focussed on a career in emceeing. Once you do catch the slip stream of corporate events, you will need an accountant to manage your numbers. There are a few presenters who are introvertsa��they shouldna��t be in the medium in the first placea��but that said, being an emcee could help them shed their inhibitions. Time to let your bank balance go northwards.
    See you next week with more radio talk.



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