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    Chennai badly needs a laugh after all the cyclone misery and herea��s someone who can make you do just that. With 24 million followers and counting on SoundCloud, Danish Sait is a man with many voices and faces. He literally lives out of his suitcase, his time split between being the host on Pro Kabaddi League or in character as Mr Nags (during the IPL)a��who is now known as the lucky charm of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. This is apart from his radio commitmentsa��like his two-minute spot, Supari, on Fever FM where he prank-calls people every hour. You can also check out his comic sketches on YouTube, which are hilarious but hold a message. Needless to say, Sait is a fantastic performer, always innovating to stay out of the box. Herea��s an excerpt from our chat.

    When did you decide that voices like Asgar, Chacko and Nagaraj should go public?
    I saw them in public, started imitating them in private, the private crowd started to gather a lot of public and the rest is the way it is. Honestly, these voices are just an extension of my personality. Ia��m always talking to myself in different voices. Ita��s scary, I feel like a psycho sometimes.

    How do you manage to juggle TV, being an RCB insider (Mr Nags), hosting and radio?
    I read your questions in Bengaluru, Ia��m typing out the answers sitting at the Hyderabad airport, I have to board a flight in the next 20 minutes, which will mean Ia��ll end up sending them to you in Mumbai. I barely sleep, but I enjoy being busy.

    Whata��s the most challenging part of a prank call?
    True Caller. I wish the landline days would come back.

    Any movies in the pipeline?
    Yes. Ia��ve booked my tickets to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Dilwale.

    Word out to Chennai?
    Vanakkam. The entire country knows that you have a massive heart. I just need a tiny amount of space in it. Much love.

    Catch Danish Sait on Fever and also in his many avatars on the web and on television. See you next week.

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.




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