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Dutch DJ Afrojack tells us why he loves coming back to the country for the Sunburn Arena

India seems to be one of the favourite places to perform for Dutch DJ and music producer, Afrojack. He has been a regulars at the Sunburn Arena for the past three years and is back again this year for a five-city tour that starts today in New Delhi. a�?Ita��s great to be back in India with Sunburn Arena. I will be playing my new music and, of course, some Afro Classics! Therea��s nothing better than making music and hearing 20,000 people chant my name,a�? he says.
Suburban dream
From humble beginnings in Spijkenisse, Netherlands, Afrojack has come a long way. He started DJing at local clubs in his hometown at the age of 14 and is currently one of the most sought after EDM DJs in the world, along with the likes of David Guetta and Skrillex. a�?We didna��t have much back then. My mother was living on welfare. I was in school and felt that I had to do something else. When I first walked into a club and saw people communicating through music, I knew I wanted to do it, too. Of course my mum and grandma thought I was crazy, but it was my grandmother who eventually told me to follow my heart and passion,a�? says the 28-year-old adding that he is still the same as how he was back then, a small town boy with a dream.
Following his heart
Although Afrojack has been consistently releasing singles since 2007, his maiden album, Forget The World, came out only last year. The album took him to greater heights as it established him as a producer of original music. Though it was a commercial success, it did not impress the critics. a�?One of the reasons why my album is called Forget The World is because when you listen to the world, you make stupid mistakes. The message I wanted to send out is that I am where I am today by following my heart. So what the critics said didna��t affect me at all,a�? says the DJ who prefers listening to artistes like Imogen Heap, Flume and Kayne West when he is not busy making music.
The Dutch music producer says that he will be heading to Japan after his India tour. a�?I have some meetings for things Ia��m working on over there. Then Ia��ll travel to Amsterdam for Christmas,a�? he concludes.
At Sunburn Arena in New Delhi on November 27, Pune on November 28, Mumbai on 29, Chennai on December 5 and Kolkata on December 7, `3,950, Details: bookmyshow.com


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