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    Sienna Miller on playing the feisty Emma Gould in Ben Affleckai??i??s Live by Night

    While we are curious about her tumultous relationship with Jude Law, rumours are rife about Sienna Millerai??i??s closeness to Ben Affleck. The 35-year-old British-American actor, who made heads turn with her white Michael Kors ensemble at the Golden Globes, plays an Irish mistress in the film, a crime
    drama set against the American Prohibition Era. Miller plays Emma Gould, the love interest of Joe Coughlin, played by Affleck. Here she talks about getting into the role and her love for the 1920s.

    Price panmycin What was it about the project that made you want to be a part of it?
    When I read the script, I loved the writing. I found it to be so floral and poetic. I also love my character. Emma Gould is an Irish immigrant from the wrong side of the tracks, who is living in a world and an era in which women werenai??i??t protected. She is damaged, and I like to have the opportunity to play a character who goes through so many changes.

    How did you achieve your Boston-Irish accent?
    I worked with a very brilliant dialect coach, Gerry Grennell, whom I met while shooting Casanova with Heath Ledger about 10 years ago.Ai?? He is from Ireland and helped me enormously on this project.Ai?? I also listened to tapes and spoke to a lot of Irish people. I wanted Emmaai??i??s voice to be as specific as it is.Ai?? I think this is the most fun accent I have ever done.

    How was it working with Ben Affleck?
    I think Ben makes movies that are entertaining and have soul at the same time, and as a director he made me feel that he believed in me and
    had my back. I donai??i??t think I have ever been on a happier set. I also have huge respect for Ben as an actor. He has incredible charisma and magnetism. Heai??i??s just capable of bringing subtlety and nuance to anything.

    Is the Roaring Twenties a period that interests you?
    Yes, completely.Ai?? I think it was an era in which everything changed.Ai?? It was on the cusp of absolute revolution post-World War I. Everyone had seen death and destruction and lost somebody, so they were living in the moment. Hair was cut, skirts were shorter and corsets came off. Women were dancing and drinking, and there is something romantic in that destruction for me.Ai?? I canai??i??t glamorise it with nostalgia, but I love the decadence, architecture, music and chaos of the Jazz Age.

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