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Vir Das is back with a show that pits men against women

With four films starring him, set to release this year, Vir Das has got his hands full. But not so full to ignore his first love: comedy. Das will take to a city stage with a show titled Battle of the Sexes tonight. Produced by Ashvin Gidwani Productions, the show sees him tackle gender roles, and stereotypes. He tells us more.

How and why did you come up with the idea?
Ia��ve done history before this and Ia��ve always been fascinated by male and female behaviour. Nobody understands why we fight with each other. Hopefully this offers explanations.

Have your life experiences helped with this show?
Ia��m married so this show is entirely about my life experiences.

What can the audience take away from the show?
Gold earrings. Or just laughter. You decide which one you believe.

A brief description of the show.
Imagine a battle without armies and gunpowder, but with bellies and eyeliner. The winner can only be one, either a man or a woman.

A peek into what you will be dealing with.
This act chronicles the differences between men and women but from a scientific point of view. It begins with the sexesa�� approach towards language, goes into analysing their bodies and spots the differences between their vanities, then progresses into literature, music, movies, leadership, politics and more.

Your take on the gender divide.
My take on the gender divide is that Ia��ll be dividing them. They sit separately at my show.

Who makes you laugh the most?
My bulldog Watson.

The stand up scene in India.
I think Bangalore has the most number of open mics so ita��s flourishing. I think stand-up in India has arrived to the point where it is no longer good enough to just be a comedian; you have to be a good comedian. Innovators will survive.

Difference between performing in India and abroad.
Just… artiste cheques, nothing else.

Tonight. 7 pm. At Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram. Tickets (`1,500) upwards on bookmyshow.com
a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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