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    With Daniel Craig rumoured to be hanging up his tux soon, we find potential 007s who can easily step into the spya��s role

    Man in black
    Sony honchoa��s leaked email revealedthat Emmy-nominated actor a�?Idris Elba should be the next Bonda��. And it seems likely he will be. Keen to a�?absolutely take ita�� if offered the role, the Briton also has Kanye Westa��s support. But talk show host Rush Limbaugh felt otherwise saying, a�?James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming. He was white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is, was.a�? Elba later posted a picture of himself pulling a funny face on Twitter, writing, a�?Isna��t 007 supposed to be handsome? Glad you think Ia��ve got
    a shot. Happy New Year people!a�? We think hea��d be a fantastic change.

    Aussie action
    Even before Daniel Craig was cast as the iconic agent, Hugh Jackman was listed to play the role and in fact declined it. Should he bag the role of the seventh Bond, he would be the second Aussie after George Lazenby to wear the suit. Hea��s now appar-ently open to playing the role in the future, claiming that he was busy being Wolverine then. It would take us a while to get used to the switch from rugged to suave, but wea��re happy to see this wolf win his prize.

    Super spy
    Henry Cavill is already Superman/Clarke Kent. The Bond films will also require him to go from hero to gentleman and back, so hea��d be great for the role. He was one of the final actors chosen for Casino Royale and even gave up the epic 300 thinking hea��d be picked. a�?When I wasna��t selected for Bond, I was very disappointed. Ia��d turned down a leading role in 300 because it was down to Daniel Craig and me, and auditioning for Bond took all my focus,a�? he said, but generously describes Craiga��s portrayal of the character as amazing.A� If the opportunity arises again, he says, a�?It would be absolutely amazing to do the role.a�?

    Secret service
    The versatile Sherlock actor Benedict Cumber- batch has played the detective, the villain Khan in Star Trek and even a blundering idiot in Osage County. With women swooning at his voice, we think hea��s the perfect fit even without his handsome face. Describing himself as a�?tailor-madea�� to play the charming Bond, he can add his distinct, dark broodiness to the role. While he would jump at the chance to play 007, unfortunately, many feel hea��d make a better Bond villain. So those hoping to see him as the lead man, might be disappointed.

    Brutal Bond
    Tom Hardy is no stranger to both suits and fisticuffs. And his love for the character is no secret either. It seems like The Dark Knight Rises star has been topping lists to be the next Bond, but as the Mad Max film sequel schedules clash with the Bond shoots, he may miss out. With his tough street fighter demeanour, very different from Craiga��s, he will certainly up the action ante. Hardy has already stated hea��d love to play Bond. Apparently, in Inception, director Christopher Nolan actually told Hardy to channel his inner Bond to portray the role. A gifted, good looking, action hero summarises Hardy. Need we say more?

    Tux material
    Hea��s got the looks, an English accent if not Scottish, enough style and martial arts skills to play the MI6 agent. But at 28, Robert Pattinson may be just a tad too youthful. That said, he is a massive James Bond fan keen on taking on the role and a very capable British hero. He may also draw in a young crowd, who may have no great interest in Ian Fleminga��s character otherwise. In fact, his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe suggested Pattinson would be a great man in a tuxedo, when both names cropped up as potentials.
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