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    Director Lingusamy opens up about indie films, his Anjaan and matching up to Suriyaa��s star power

    The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of an N Lingusamy movie is gripping action sequences and catchy music. Expect servings of both in his upcoming film, Anjaan, with Suriya and Samantha. When not busy directing a movie, Lingusamy turns to production under the banner, Tirupathi Brothers, that has to its credit popular movies like Kumki and Deepavali. The trailer for Anjaan, which was released last week at the Vijay TV Awards, has already got 1,484,056A� likes on YouTube. The director is working towards an Independence Day release. More from him:

    Did you take long to write the script of Anjaan?
    I wanted to work with Suriya for a very long time. I wrote the script thrice and all three times I thought I could do something better for him. I even wanted to make Sandakozhi with him, but nothing materialised. After Run, I got a well-established team for this movie, Anjaan and we have given it our best. The entire shooting has been done in Mumbai and Goa. I foresee some of the songs surpassing Paiyaa, which was a big hit.

    Action is guaranteed in a Lingusamy film. Why is that?
    Action is one of my favourite genres. In fact, as a kid, I wanted to know how many action sequences there are in a film. And I cannot make a movie without a solid fight in it. That does not mean I do not like other genres. But now that I have created a brand for myself, I have to follow it. Especially when you have a hero like Suriya in it, the movie has to have mass appeal.

    Tirupathi Brothers has taken up successful projects. How do you choose them?
    I listen to the story, then if I feel anything can be changed, I tell them. Once the final script is ready, I read it again and they go for the shoot. I dona��t interfere after that. The film I wish my banner made was Pasanga. I thought it would not work out, but I was wrong.

    What is your take on independent films?
    A lot of full-fledged movies made today were first short films, like Pizza. Now, when youngsters want to join as an assistant director, they just ask me to watch their movie on YouTube or on a DVD. Completing a degree in VisCom is considered prestigious these days.

    You say Suriya is a fire brand, but what about his brother Karthi?
    Suriya is full of energy. He is extremely committed; to convince him that the shot has turned out well is very difficult. I still do not know if this movie has done justice to his status. On the other hand, Karthi is easy, cool yet sincere. I do not have to get stressed out around him.

    How was it on the sets of the movie?
    Suriya came up with his look and he would Whatsapp options to me every day. At one point, everyone on the sets had his haircut. Suriya is going to be singing in the movie, for the first time. It also has cinematographer and magic man, Santosh Sivan, who has taught me to be patient.

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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