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    Be Your Own Boss gives you a glimpse into lives of daring entrepreneurs

    British-Indian actor-turned-host Kavi Shastri calls his latest stint a a�?lovely two-way journeya��. As the host of reality show Be Your Own Boss, Shastri will be spending three days with eight of Indiaa��s most free spirited entrepreneurs who dared to live their dreams of starting out on their own. a�?While it is greatly entertaining, I am sure the audience, after me, have so much to learn from these people,a�? he begins.A� And what drew him to the show? a�?Simply put, it was my desire to ask a�?Why?a�� And when you are meeting a man (Akshai Verde) who makes and customises choppers and motorbikes, that is the ideal question,a�? shares the host.
    Apart from Verde, the show will feature Terence Lewis (choreographer), comedian Vir Das, Rajat Tulli of merchandising brand Happily Unmarried, restaurateur Riyaaz Amlani, fashionista and baker, Kajal Aggarwal, catering queen, Bhakti Mehta, and wedding planner, Ekta Saigal. a�?Each week, wea��ll showcase one of these mavericks. And we document not only their professional life but we also get into their personal space,a�? he tells us, explaining that the time he saw Amlani with his wife and son at home, was most beautiful because it was in stark contrast to his perfectionist nature at work. a�?That is what the show is all about; transformation from personal to professional and back.a�?
    His lacking business acumen only made him ask more questions about leading a company.A� a�?They also talk of things such as time management and delegation of duties. It is something anyone can benefit from. Even my wife, who is a homemaker now,A� says she can put it to practice,a�? he explains.
    a�?It really goes to show that any one can do anything if you set your mind to it,a�? says the actor, who calls his role refreshing as it is the first time he is playing himself. a�?Ia��ve hosted before, but this one is not scripted. So when things didna��t go as planned, I had to think on my feet. It really woke me up!a�?
    Shastri will be seen next in Dharma Productionsa�� film Brothers, releasing on August 14. a�?IA� have a few others lined up, but theya��ve not been announced. I am also hoping for a season two of BYOB a�� perhaps with lesser known entrepreneurs,a�? he signs off.
    Starts tonight (Fridays) at 10 pm on Fox Life.
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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