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After hustling America and Britain, Alexis Conran plays a different kind of trick

Tapping into your subcon-scious, four talents a�� mind controller Alexis Conran, Liv Boeree, a world-class poker player with a degree in Physics and charm, Lewis Le Val, an expert in hypnosis and mentalism, and Pete Wardell, a sleight of hand expert, will stun you with their trickery in The Mind Control Freaks. The 10-part series on Discovery Channel will expose the working of the human mind as the experts will be in total control.

Psyche factor
a�?I wona��t lie to you. It does make me feel very powerful to have that kind of control. But having said that, I dona��t actually control their minds and force them to do things they never would. I just influence people to make decisions they wouldna��t normally make,a�? Conran tells us, adding that on the show, he will get a man to completely forget his fian-cA�e, persuade complete strangers to give him their car keys, and con-vince a 230-pound boxer that he is unable to crush a plastic cup.

Talking about his art of scam-ming, Conran tells us that it began when he took to acting. a�?That gave me a great foundation for lying and trickery! Then I studied magic to become a professional deceiver,a�? he shares, explaining that this new show is very different from his work with HUSTLE for BBC. a�?This one is not really hustling but more about persuasion and psychology a�� a fas-cinating experiment where we get people on the streets to do things they wouldna��t ususally do and how they react to doing them,a�? the trick-ster shares describing the show which is scripted but totally unex-pected and uncontrolled because of the real and raw reactions.

On-screen experiments
a�?What you see on TV is not only a revelation to the people being influ-enced but to us as well because we had no clue what people would do when their choices were so radically changed and how theya��d react to them,a�? Conran admits, sharing that it was hard to follow the script in an uncontrolled setting.
Before signing off, we asked the showman to describeA� himself using positive terms. And after being tongue tied for a bit, Conran came up with a�?presenter, manipulator and deceivera�?. a�?But wait! Oh no. Even that sounds sinister. I guess I should just stick to actor,a�? he concludes.

Starting July 27 at 8 pm on Discovery Channel

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