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    For 10 days, Taj Club House and a visiting chef offer a sampling of an iconic Bangalore restaurant, Masala Klub

    Since its opening in 2007, Masala Klub at Taj West End, Bangalore, has been wooing patrons with its modern take on traditional Awadhi cuisine. And closer home, Beyond Indus at Taj Club House does something similar, interpreting the delicacies of the Indus Valley. So why not showcase a few specials from Masala Klub at Beyond Indus? The man who has been assigned the task of giving us a taste of the Klub is chef de partie Chandan Taneja. This young chef knew early on while on his family farm in Amritsar, that food was his calling, and since 2011, has grown to become one of the star chefs at Taj West End.

    chandan-001Chef says it all
    a�?At Masala Klub, we make the food healthier, cutting down on butter, ghee, etc by about 40 per cent, without compromising on taste or texture,a�? he starts. a�?We use western ingredients in the food and we plate up every dish,a�? says the 25-year-old, explaining that he has crafted a menu with a selection of specials from his kitchen back in Bangalore, for the promotion at Beyond Indus. The galouti kebab, murgh khatta pyaz and jaitun ka paneer tikka are just a few of the dishes on his long list of must-trys. But how does their galouti stand out from what one could get elsewhere? a�?The galouti kebab is a very heavy starter made with animal fat and ghee. We cut down on the fat and calories,a�? he explains.

    Try it at home
    Ita��s not just about cutting down on fats. Take the bhatti ka jhinga for instance a�� the prawns are served on a bed of grilled pineapple, bhatti--ka-jheengawith a roasted raw mango coulis. Or the murgh khatta pyaz where the ingredients for the gravy are sauteed using olive oil. And of course you can try it at home, except you will have to be patient as a�?European ingredients are very delicate and must be used carefully.a�? While grilling seafood, add some chopped dil leaves and garlic along with your marination of Indian spices, he says. And if ita��s aloo gobi for lunch, try sauteeing the gobi in olive oil before covering and slow cooking it.

    The special Masala Klub a la carte menu is available at Beyond Indus till June 22. Meal for two at approximately Rs. 1,700 nett. Details: 66313131

    -Ryan Peppin


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