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Yoga merchandise gets a green update with cotton mats and bamboo clothing

Giving a holistic twist to exercise Evolve Fitness Studio now retails eco-friendly yoga mats, workout clothes and even underwear. a�?We want to show that yoga isna��t limited to exercise and that it influences an organic way of life. Thata��s why wea��ve introduced these products in the city,a�? explains Dhananjai Golla, the owner.
One of the brands he stocks is Juru Yoga. It has been created by 34-year-old entrepreneurs Puja Borker and Toral Walsh, who spent two years developing the natural rubber and cotton mats to promote a�?an organic, yogic lifestyle.a�? Besides, a�?anyone who does yoga knows that plastic mats start flaking after prolonged use,a�? says Borker, a freelance yoga teacher.
Made from vegetable dyes, with Bengal-sourced natural rubber on one side for standing asanas, and cotton from Maharashtra on the other for seated stretches, the mats are washable and dona��t soak up sweat. With plans of going completely organic, she says, a�?Wea��re trying to drive home the concept of a yoga lifestyle. So with the sale of every 20 mats, Plant A Tree India NGO in Rishikesh will do as its name suggests!a�? For bulk orders, they customise, too.
Meanwhile, Task, a brand from Dindigul, offers shirts, track pants and innerwear for womena��all made with organic bamboo fibre, rubber (for lycra) and cotton sourced from various parts of South India. a�?Anyone who lives in the city needs bamboo clothing as ita��s so light and breatheable,a�? insists Golla. And with the promise of being fairtrade, Task is also looking to venture into bamboo-made towels and bed sheets.
Mats from Rs 1,200; Details: 9741002118. Task clothing from Rs 700. Details: 9840028553
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