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    Draw your swords for a cause at the Fairplay Gaming Championship

    Not everyone can associate gaming with a noble cause, but Fairtrade India makes it possible with the first edition of its FairPlay Gaming Championship. While the organisation has long been hosting interactive events to spread its message about a sustainable and ethical approach to trade, this one is a first of sorts.
    a�?The idea is to involve and inform users about sustainable living practices. At the event, they will be served Fairtrade products, so wea��re helping them to be actively involved in making a difference,a�? says Abhishek Jani, CEO of Fairtrade India.
    To be held at League of Extraordinary Gamers, which Agarwal describes as a a�?gamers paradisea��, participants can sign up to compete in two games a�� Defence Of The Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) and FIFA. The former is a team game with five members per group. Typically lasting an hour, teams are tasked with attacking a structure defended by their opponents, termed a�?Ancienta�� while protecting their own. The game involves strategy, action and nuanced combat. FIFA on the other hand, is six-minutes long with a focus on tactical skill. a�?We chose these two games as they are the most popular at the moment, and we were confident that they will draw lots of participants,a�? explains Pooja Agarwal, resource mobilisation manager at Fairtrade Foundation India.
    Organised in association with Zomato, the event has a total cash prize of `28,000 across the two tournaments. The winners of DOTA get to take home a combined cash reward of `20,000, food vouchers, Zomato merchandise and 10 free hours of gaming at LXG, while the FIFA champion will walk away with `8,000 in cash, apart from merchandise and food vouchers.
    Gamers can also drop into the cafe adjacent to the gaming arena to sample the coffee and tea grown by Fairtrade Indiaa��s farmers. The event is a pre-cursor to the Fairtrade India Week, which will have talks, activities, and community engagements to spread the word about Fairtradea��s mission, during the last week of November.
    Registration `500 (FIFA), `1,500 (DOTA). September 18. At Indiranagar. Details:

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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