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    RADIO STATIONS around the country prefer playing popular music. Every time you ask a radio employee why this is, and who defines what popular is, youa��ll get a reply that is part scientific and part emotional. But when you put the parts together, you end up scratching your heads in perplexion. However, after a while, your grey cells will admit that you were put through a burst of rubbish and that many radio employees are far less intelligent than talking parrots.
    In a country where the taste of biryani changes every 100 km, how can anyone assume someonea��s musical preference? I have never seen a room in a radio station with radio gurus dressed in lab coats trying to mood map the city. Ita��s amusing when you are told that there is a lot of science that goes into playing music on radio. My personal suggestion is to make this form of science into an educational curriculum in colleges, so that we have mood mapping graduates in the future. That way we will all have a permanent ear-to-ear smile on our faces because our mood would have already been mapped.
    For example, your mood is obviously not mapped when you hear disco and so-called commercial hits while at a hill station. Thata��s a place where music enters your personal space. The music that you listen to in a Mahabaleshwar or a Kodaikanal has to fit the ambience. That is mood mapping. The same goes with presenting. It will be odd to hear a presenter, high on caffeine, having a go at a listener at five in the morning. So Ia��d really like to meet with these chosen ones who mood map. As of now, they seem to be so elusive that they would have made the Scarlet Pimpernel blush with shame.
    To radio stations a�� play the funky music and send the mood mappers to Britain as thata��s one nation that needs a good mood going.


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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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