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    Mad Orange Fireworks takes a new route to launch their second album

    One of the most prominent bands in the Bengaluru indie music scene, Mad Orange Fireworks has shown a lot of heart in their four years of existence—be it in their live performances or studio recordings. They will take their brand of Orange Rock (a blend of rock, funk, jazz, pop and blues) a step further tomorrow, with the launch of their long-overdue second album, Under The Orange Sky. When most indie bands today release their albums digitally, the trio will be releasing theirs in a matchbox. Yes, you read that right. Michael Anthony Dias, the 27-year-old frontman, explains, “People who buy the album will get a matchbox containing a download code. They can then visit our website, madorangefireworks.com, and download it.” The band—with Dias on vocals, Kaushik Kumar on bass and Deepak Raghu on drums—will also launch the album with a performance at Bengaluru’s The Humming Tree. Under The Orange Sky will see the band’s signature sound getting heavier and darker. A good example would be two singles released earlier this year, Nothing Left To Mend and Shaking My Ground. Dias attributes the change to fresh influences. “I was listening to Pearl Jam when I was writing most of the songs. So, heavy grunge was a great influence,” he says. After the launch, Mad Orange Fireworks will be seen at the NH7 Weekender.
    Tomorrow, at The Humming Tree, Bengaluru. Details: 9886618386

    Arka Sengupta


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