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    Sign up for a street food photo walk this Sunday, or simply enjoy the chaats on offer at Dil Sev

    About a year ago, we reviewed a cozy kebab restaurant on Landons Road, Kilpauk. Ita��s owner Tabrez Habeeb, decided to come up with something for our vegetarian friends too, and with Yogesh Kamath, a businessman, started a chaat restaurant right next to Kebab Street. It does not take us long to figure out why they have gone with the name Dil Sev and we pay them a visit to find out just how much a�?from the hearta�� their chaat is. A self service chaat cafe of sorts, Dil Sev seats around 30 and their menu is simple a�� a list of chaats, a few sandwiches, a handful of milkshakes and popular ice cream flavours.

    Among usuals like the pani puri, kachori and channa masala, we go for the mixed bhaji pav (`80) and are not disappointed. It has pieces of pav fried in butter, before being doused with the bhaji masala a�� tasty, filling, and thanks to the large spoons they provide, easy to eat. The manager suggests we try their Dil Sev special milkshake (Rs. 110) and a vegetable cheese sandwich. We agree to the former and decide to pair it with an aloo channa (Rs. 50) and dahi kachori (Rs. 60) instead. While the aloo channa arives sans gravy, the a�?chatpataa�� dahi kachori more than makes up for it, especially with the home made curd A�a�� neither too sour, nor too sweet. They believe in large portions here and even the milkshakes are served with a scoop of ice cream.

    The management hopes to introduce a�?lighta�� meals in future (think aloo parathas, channa batura) and we suggest adding a nice desi coffee and chai for good measure. But before all that, they have a photo walk (April 13) coming up in association with the Chennai Food Guide. Participants can register (for free) for a guided tour of the chaat places on Mint Street, where they can click (and chomp) away. The best photographs will be given prizes the following Sunday and some of them will go into a collage that will adorn a fairly large wall at Dil Sev.

    Details: 9176782345

    a�� Ryan Peppin



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