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    Bangalore-based artist, PaulFernandes, on taking his store aPaulogy to his second favourite city, Mumbai

    Ia��ve known Paul Fernandes for many years and always marvelled at how, in todaya��s world where self-promotion is a virtue, such a talented artist chooses to remain so reticent. Hea��s someone who would rather let his sketch pen do the talking.
    Three years after his quaintly-named store aPaulogy opened in Frazer Town, Bangalore, Fernandes has opened another in Mumbai. His drawings now have a new canvas to draw from, so I thought it might be a good time to catch up with him.
    Fernandesa��s crinkly-eyed smile is as wide as ever and he remains incredibly modest. His famous posters on Bangalore (MG Road as we will never see it again) and delightful Shineboards (quaint signs hea��d photograph on his early morning bicycle rides) still have their fansa��my favourites are a�?Nose & Ears are Poked Herea�� andA� a�?Love is quickie poisona��. a�?My views of Bangalore were quieter, more nostalgic ones of a city thata��s fast disappearing,a�? he says.
    The new store is in an industrial building in Worli. You walk up narrow stairs and a maze of corridors before you burst into a bright space. a�?Ia��ve always been fascinated by Bombay where Ia��ve lived and worked for 35 years. My drawings are fond memories of my time there.a�? One of his favourite drawings is of a Parsi cafA�a��a couple enjoying a beer and good bhonu while a sweet little Parsi lady attends to customers. The characterful city gives him plenty of inspiration with its majestic architecture and street life. Fernandes admits hea��s still diffident talking about himself. a�?But I know one thinga��Ia��m lucky to be where I am today.a�? Something like one of his Shineboards maybe: a�?Dona��t disturb, I am in relax.a�?Details: apaulogy.com

    a��Ruma Singh


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