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    What do your Facebook posts really say about you? Are you the grumpy fault-finding kind, or the ray of sunshine sort? Do you a�?likea�� everyone and everything? Are you a stalker or a motivator? Are your status messages wickedly funny, preachy or just plain ola�� self-promoting?
    I recently read an article which spoke of an intuitive tool developed to analyse your personality based on your Facebook posts. US-based company Fivea��s tool called Five Labs uses Facebooka��s linguistic content to analyse personalities, including your own. Bill Gates, for instance turned out solitary, inventive, restless, efficient and friendly. While Mark Zuckerberg though easy going is a bit reserved.
    Today, data mining is getting bigger and companies check Facebook and Twitter profiles before hiring staff. So are your posts helping or harming you, when job hunting? Social media pro Helen Issar of Penny Lane Social agrees that Facebook is a narcissistic platform. a�?People often post based on how they want to be seen rather than who they actually are. You can control perception about yourself here far better than in a social setting,a�? she says. Facebook is
    also the most personal of all social media, more than LinkedIn or Twitter, so potential employers usually always check Facebook profiles first.
    Facebook allows us to give advice, state opinions or recommend, serves a need to be heard (not always possible in real life) she adds. a�?This ability to be heard is what has made social media take off the way it has.a�? Blogs too are personal diaries open to public. a�?Share by all means but ensure your privacy settings are super strong,a�? cautions Issar. a�?Be wary posting about your children. Check your public profile. Dona��t a�?frienda�� people you dona��t know.a�?
    Some more Facebook research I found: visual content engages maximum people, hash tagging works. If your post invokes joy or amusement, chances are ita��ll do better. Appealing to the narcissist in your buddies also works a�� people are most keen to define themselves and nurture relationships these days. Doing this online rather than in real life seems the thing!
    a�?Facebook has connected people around the globe, often for good causes or social activism. Ita��s also made the world a better place, unheard stories can now be heard,a�? says Issar.
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