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    Old school technique and passion combine effectively at Indiranagara��s new cooking studio

    Sarabjeet Singh and Faseeulla S, hotel management batch mates realised their vision of a chef-led cooking hub with Slurp Studio. Re-purposing a neglected rooftop space into a quirky venue for cook offs, eat-ins and all kinds of food-related fun, the pair refurbished the place from scratch. They sourced woodwork from a neglected government guesthouse, created colourful mosaics from broken tiles, added the philosophy that a�?a smile impacts the taste of the disha�� and opened their studio to host up to four a�?cook alongsa�� and four dinners each month.

    Food8Lead1Too many cooks
    a�?At the cook-alongs, up to 12 people join us to learn about a particular cuisine a�� from preparation through to eating and cleaning up,a�? explains Faseeulla. Some are run by the pair, with recipes picked up from travels and their worldwide hotel careers, while others are curated by specialists. A Parsi family was invited in to run a session last month, while other highlights have included Lebanese, Mughalai and Thai. Participants take away copies of all the recipes, and are free to contact the Slurp team at any point to help solve food-related emergencies. a�?We form lasting relationship with the folks that come to our cook offs,a�? explains Singh. a�?And whata��s the point of having secret recipes? Fooda��s a way of life, not competition,a�? he says.

    Beyond the kitchen
    Slurp studio is the result of a two- year search for the perfect location, and the entrepreneurs say its only the beginning. a�?Right now wea��re just marinading a�� wea��ll throw ourselves into the fire soon!a�? jokes Singh. a�?A French-Italian home stay-cum-cooking retreat in Ooty is next,a�? he shares. In the short term, there are a host of other events to watch out for: a Thanksgiving dinner, an introduction to eastern European food (think goulash and lA?ngos) inspired by a recent trip to Hungary, and young chef certifications. Wea��re excited by their a�?pop-up restauranta�� idea for when they have excess ingredients, seating customers on the wooden benches on the open terrace, and drawing people in with a makeshift signboard. a�?We want to teach people to taste, and not just eat, to curate forgotten recipes and to ultimately become a centre for everything to do with food,a�? signs off Faseeulla.
    Rs.A�1,500 upwards. At 12th
    Main, Indiranagar. Details: facebook.com/slurpstudio

    a�� Maegan Dobson Sippy


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