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    Ex-WWE wrestler Chuck Palumbo and hot rod guru Rick Dore, hosts of Extreme Car Hoarders, on the showa��s latest season

    Couring backyards, garages and private lots, six-time World Tag Team Champion Charles a�?Chucka�� Palumbo and automotive stylist- cum-car customisation expert Rick Dore have had a crazy ride in season one of Extreme Car Hoarders. On a quest to restore classic American cars, last year they teamed up to start SLAM in California, a garage to work on classic American rides. Their biggest roadblock: convincing car hoarders to give up their treasure trove. In return, the duo promises the hoarder a show-stopping custom car. They tell us more.

    How did the show come about?

    Dore: Chuck and I were in a bar talking about new angles to find vintage cars, which are getting harder and harder to find. This was the angle we came up with a�� getting into some of these backyards to see what was stashed.
    Palumbo: I dona��t think we had any idea we were going to make a business out of this. We were just looking for hidden gems. But along with those hidden gems came these hidden hoarders.

    What fascinates you the most aboutA�customisation?

    Dore: What excites me most is the overall style of the vehicle, whether ita��s a roadster, a coupA�, a sedan a�� something thata��s pleasing to the eye. Enhancing the existing lines is what I call it.
    Palumbo: Rick and I both like the shock value; we like to see the before and after.

    How hard has it been to convince hoarders to let go?

    Dore: Wea��ve never had anybody that was willing to jump in with both feet. For some, ita��s like theya��re going to have an anxiety attack. In fact, wea��ve had a couple that did!
    Palumbo: They all have good intentions and they all believe they will finish that car. Ita��s tough for us (with a crew) so you can imagine how hard it is for one person.

    Most memorable cars that youa��ve worked on for the show?
    Dore: We built a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr in this new season of the show. You cana��t find a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr two-door coupA�, so for me that was the highlight.
    Palumbo: The 37 Dodge truck. I like old trucks. I like trucks in general. I like performance, and I like speed. I also like modern technology combined with old school styling so that was right up my alley.

    Glimpse into season two.
    Dore: Season two was like slamming it out of the ball park. The cars turned out great. As for stories, ita��s the people we met. The guy with the pick-up truck we built, he lost his dad, and this was the truck he was working on with his dad. And just a couple of years before that he lost his son and they were both working on the truck. We were able to finish that truck so that was great. We should do an episode just going back and visiting some of the earlier hoarders from season one to see if theya��ve restocked their yards all over again.
    Palumbo: Some hoarders have expressed how they have more room for more cars now. So yes, ita��d be great to go back and see that.

    Premieres August 23, at 9 pm on Discovery Turbo
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