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    Keep these Rio special apps handy for all Olympic updates

    With India sending its largest Olympic contingent (120), and high hopes pinned on medals for wrestling, badminton and shooting, there are more reasons to be glued to the games this year. These apps could help you stay abreast with whata��s going on at Rio.

    Rio2016: It is International Olympic Committeea��s official app to keep track of the summer and Paralympic games. Stay informed about torch relays, fixtures, results, medal tallies and even official game rules, just in case you need to settle a dispute with other sports enthusiasts. Also treat yourself to live pictures from the event. Available for Android, iOS and Windows. Details: rio2016.com/en/app

    Rio2016 Social Hub: Curious about the personal lives of your favourite Olympians? This one provides verified Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts of celebrity athletes. Sorted according to countries, keep track of accounts that are getting the most attention and customise your feed with your favourite Indian athletes. Available for Android. Details: play.google.com

    India at Sports: Stay updated on all events that have Indian participation. Read Indian player profiles, track their records and find out how they made it to the main event. Its a�?Potential Qualifiersa�� feature predicts who is more likely to win medals at the games. Available for Android. Details: play.google.com

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