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    Fresh ingredients and fine execution marks a new menu at Graze

    With executive chef Selvaraju and sous chef Gaurav Paul in control, you know youa��re in for a treat when they launch a new menu. Aimed to bring about a change at Graze, the menu blends the best of classic Europe with a modern twist. Starting out with salads, we were thrilled with the refreshing creations. The chicken salad was a real hit and came with smoked and roasted chicken cubes, tangy pineapple, tomatoes, crunchy greens. Topped with roasted coriander vinaigrette, and rice crispies, it set the bar high. But the fig salad did not disappoint, and we loved the red wine-laced poached fruit on a bed of mesclun, parmesan and fig jam. If youa��re a light eater, skip the soup. But not ones to heed instinct, we tucked into thick asparagus soup, and were happy for our gluttony. Pureed asaparagus in hazelnut oil, drizzled with actual hazelnuts, it is good enough to serve as a meal.
    Picking the feuilletA�e for vegetarian representation, and the salmon from the meat section, we missed out on the risottos, pasta, lamb rack, John Dory and even duck in Grand Marnier. But our options did not let us down. Freshly baked, the feuilletA�e came filled with vegetable ragout in a creamy tomato basil sauce a�� a light and flaky delight. Salmon was the winner though. Crisp on the outside thanks to the crunchy Kalamata olives, the meaty texture gave way to pink and soft insides. As salty as the fish was, the pommes puree was bland, and the two fused beautifully on the palate. Appearing with a side of ratatouille, grilled orange (decorating the fish on the top) and micro greens, it was testament to the chefsa�� talent. Tiramisu ended the meal on a bitter sweet note, as though it was tasty, the ban on Kahlua in the city meant improvising with Old Monk.
    `3,500 ++. At Vivanta
    by Taj, MG Road. Details: 66604444
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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