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    Anjali Ponni makes her city art debut with a unique collection

    Art has always been a part of Anjali Ponnia��s life whether she lived in Chennai or New York. With a degree in Art from Franklin and Marshall University, Pennsylvania, Ponni worked in the corporate world, both in New york and Chennai before resuming her tryst with art. After receiving critical acclaim and suc-cess in Chennai, Ponni debuts in the city at Sublime Galleria.

    a�?I sign under the name Ashwatha,a�? she shares telling us of her personal connect with spirituality and the verse from the Bhagwad Gita that inspired her pseudonym. a�?It broadly means that God is present in the high-est rung of every species.a�? Establishing the influence of her personal spiritu-ality in her art, Ponni goes on to share the themes of each of the three series in her collection that also reflect her love affair with science.

    a�?Ita��s contradictory for some but I also love science, so one of the series is called Fibonacci. It is inspired by the presence of the sequence in nature,a�? she says. The other two series on display are titled Akarma and Faces. While the former focuses on detachment, Faces is inspired by a�?the people who come in and out of our lives and their impacta�?.

    The series even includes a char-coal on canvas of her son the way she envisioned him during her pregnan-cy. a�?I saw him as an angel or the image of innocence and thata��s what I have represented on canvas,a�? shares the one-week old mother.

    Ponnia��s mediums change from mixing oils and digital printing to simple charcoal sketches with shad-ing nuances. Rs.A�25,000 upwards. Till August 18. At UB City, Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 41116563

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