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    Why it pays to follow Grey Goose Style Du Jour and invest in some blue and androgyny this season

    FASHION cities and runways are showing all the signs that masculine tailoring, bomber jackets, tea-length dresses and shades of blue are here to stay. Add a longtime favourite, wide-legged trousers, to the mix and youa��re set for the next few months. Incidentally, some of these trends were predicted, shared and interpreted at the second edition of Grey Goose Style Du Jour in December. While the French vodka brand did the sharing a�� Punk, True Blue, Androgyny, Film Noir and Midas Touch were their key themes a�� leading fashion magazines and designers effortlessly showcased them on the runway. Judging by the crowd that turned up fashionably late at Four Seasons, from designers Nandita Mahtani, Little Shilpa and Pria Kataria Puri to Mumbaia��s entertainment and retail experts, this was one party no one wanted to miss. Fashion and lifestyle magazines Harpera��s Bazaar, Elle India and Noblesse, had partnered with Grey Goose for the event, while matching cocktails made the rounds. There were blue suits and layering, flowing gold dresses and Alfred Hitchcock glamour. And to end the night, some star power a�� Kangana Ranaut (in Gucci) and Aditya Roy Kapoor were awarded trophies for the Grey Goose Style Icon, while a�?Style Divaa�� Sushmita Sen charmed the crowd with her French.

    Looks to stay
    Model Pia Trivedia��s look a�� sheer blouse, red mouth, front wave a�� put together by Sailex for Harpera��s Bazaar, was designed to rock the red carpet, while Nikhil Thampi whipped out a sweeping gold dress, silver obi belt and Outhousea��s long earrings for Ellea��s showing. a�?a�?One of the biggest trends this year is the influence of arts and crafts,a��a�� insists Harpera��s Bazaar fashion editor, Krishna Mukhi. Her pick? Colour blocking a��monochromatic with different shades of the same colour; sports inspiration like bomber jackets and sneakers; and Ruchika Sachdeva for androgyny. Ellea��s Fashion Director, Malini Banerji seconds androgynya��s long-lasting capabilities, saying it depends on how you interpret it a�� with menswear fabric, a simple shirt dress and so on. a�?a�?Gold is festive and dominant but you can work it into your wardrobe, as a shoe, for instance, or layered thin jewellery,a��a�� she shares. Blue, another trend, is easy to wear, be it a serious navy, a young pale blue or over 20 variations of the shade. And Punk has to be a�?a�?a little badass or wicked but not a�?damaged goodsa�� anymore.a��a�� Kanika Saluja is a good way to start, she confides.

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