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when I was young, the most popular birthday gifts were books. I used to frown a bit because it meant I would have to read them and that would rob me of the time for other things I loved more, like singing, for example. Getting books would also mean I had to forgo toys or clothes, again something I hated. I know I sound childish, but let us get to the point fast. Most adults gifted me a�s the Did You Knowa�? book series, dictionaries or encyclopedias.
Times have changed now after the digital boom. YouTube is the new knowledge destination and Google is the new-age guru who answers anything in the world within seconds. Added to the time that it saves, it means there are no more books collecting dust on shelves. Of course, owning a book is far more attractive for many who relish the idea of reading. What, however, surprised me recently is that there is information on almost everything that exists in the universe on the internet. Do-It-Yourself videos, occult sciences, history, math classrooms and even edgy questions. You dona��t need ‘phone a friend’ kind of guidance. It is ‘browse a friend’.
However, I doubt if Hyderabadis relate with this lifestyle where people are so tech-savvy that they dona��t need to discuss things across the table anymore? Where everything from bank transactions to matchmaking is taking place online?
I am not complaining but rather proud of our a�?chai biskit and a good frienda�� concept of fun. A friend by the table is worth two online. Cribbing to each other about
mundane things like traffic, rising prices and the Kabali mania is therapeutic. YouTube should probably be renamed as WeTube in our city as ita��s all about us and we here. We shall bond and flourish.

Swapna Sundari

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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