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    With fruit flavours served the old fashioned way, La Cream in RA Puram believes in keeping it simple

    Ita��s been awhile since we spooned ice cream out of a glass bowl. And one has to admit, the old fashioned way has a welcoming allure about it that tops plastic cups and waffle baskets any day. Then again, the 13 flavours at La Cream a�� Chennaia��s newest frozen dessert space, are anything but old school. Therea��s an Australian Melon that has plenty of folks asking for more, a Kabul Pomegranate, and not one but two varieties of all-natural exotic Banana. a�?We use fresh fruit in every single one of our recipes,a�? says R Maniraju, who runs the space withA� a silent partner. Incidentally, Maniraju claims that after two months of research and several tasting trips abroad, the two developed the recipes (imported ingredients and all) themselves.

    Apart from our fruity favourites, a must try is the cookie biscuit-inspired Biscotinno. Yum would be a mild word to use. One has to wonder how Maniraju, who started a vegetarian restaurant in the city prior to this venture, became such an ice cream expert. The owner smiles, a�?Wea��ve also been in the distribution of ice cream equipmemt for a while before this… Ia��m sure that helped. And from there we went on to set up a manufacturing unit in Trichy, where our product comes from.a�? Whether the secret lies in his imported ingredients or simple unpretentious choice of flavours, wea��re not sure. But you have to taste these scoops to be as impressed as we were.

    After all, how often do you enter a fresh-off-the-block store and find it on par with time-tested premium franchises in the city?A�We ask whether there are any toppings available, and the owner looks a little hesitant. a�?We have chocolate sauce, choco chips, nuts… the usual,a�? he states. Then pauses a moment before adding, a�?But I really think you should taste the ice cream without it first, the toppings tend to be a spoiler sometimes.a�? And surprisingly, after the softie fad laden-heavily with sauces and jello, and the cold stone revolution mish-mash on the slab a�� this was a refreshing change. No frills, just ice cream. And at 90 bucks for two scoops, ita��s a steal!

    La Cream also serves faloodas and shakes. Ice creams from Rs 90 onwards for two scoops. Details: 24629080

    – Sonali Shenoy


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