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    Ita��s not common to have a mena��s only show on radio. In fact, ita��s unheard of. The cliche is to inundate you with women centric problems. This, at times, can be overbearing and repititive. I remember doing a show called ManFriday and it became quite a rage. Radio Mirchi test-fired their mena��s only speciala��Mengal Manadhil, for two weeks, between 11 am and 2 pm, from July 13 with much success. Herea��s my chat with Sushmita Chakkungal (AVP Cluster Programming Head) and host Shivshankari.

    How did the idea of a mena��s only special come up?
    From the most light-hearted fights that the team always has: about how there are special buses for ladies, rivers named after them and so on; how both men and women have a soft corner for women; and that across television and radio there are so many shows exclusively for women.

    What are the issues the showfocussed on?
    The show touched upon different topics, one of them being, who according to you is the real man? We covered various attributes like personality, health, looks and so on.

    How did men reactA� to the show?
    The listenersa�� reaction was an absolute surprise. Although it was a two-week special, we had people reaching out to Shivshankari saying that this was an absolutely needed special. This concept definitely broke the clutter and is a huge move away from a stereotypical show focussed on women. Interestingly, the reactions from our women listeners were equally encouraging, saying that this was an opportunity to know everything about the other gender and from their perspective. Hopefully this show will become a mainstay on the Mirchi sound.

    See you next week.
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