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    Men of honour
    With 17,005,586 views since it was posted last week, Slap Her, shot by Italy-based paper fan-page. it, is about non-violence. Taking you to the simple but striking world of children, it films boys between seven and 11 years. They are introduced to a girl, Martina, and asked to say what they like about her, caress, pull funny faces at and slap her. The boys gently caress her face and quickly withdraw. And when it comes to slapping her, they all flatly decline, Why? a�?Because we are men,a�? says the youngest.
    In reel time
    Putting together 150 hours of footage and cutting it down to seven minutes, the video 2014 at The Movies is a great recap before the award season. Covering 86 films including Gone Girl, Chef, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, it looks like the trailer for a mega film with a star cast. Starting out slow, it picks up with fights and aliens (courtesy The Guardians of The Galaxy), throwing in emotion from Begin Again and The Fault in Our Stars. Lovely to for a throw-back on 2014.
    Wigs and riffs
    On Monday, two-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, reveals to host Jimmy Fallon that he plays guitar… the air guitar! Wearing an Afro wig, the actor and a�?musiciana�� performs an entertaining Neil Young guitar solo from his song, Down by the River. He has actually memorised the notes to the 1969 song, and since he was young, has practiced and only made it better. And on the Tonight Show, he was clearly perfect. Watch Fallon join in with his matching NFL wig too!
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