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Karan Medappa on his experience at Bengalurua��s first luxury barbershop

The place where The Duke Of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, goes to unwind and pamper himself, Truefitt & Hill is said to be the worlda��s oldest barbershop. With branches in Mumbai and Delhi, the luxury British brand opened its doors in Bengaluru only last week. Model Karan Medappa tried out some the services and gives his review.

The entrance of the salon, or leta��s call it the a�?barbershopa��, was nothing short of English luxury a�� vintage window displays in wood, painted a lovely blue and a heavy wooden door with glass panels. The reception area has well designed wooden and glass showcases displaying the wide range of products, like the signature shaving brushes and brush stands.

The Dukea��s Den was assigned to me a�� a private room which has a barber chair for one, a manicure and pedicure chair for one and other complimentary services such as free WiFi, iPad, TV, portable battery charger, and hot or cold beverages with cookies.
We started off with the a�?royal haircuta��. First, I was given a hair wash with a Truefitt & Hill shampoo, which was chosen according to my hair type. This was followed by a haircut. The skill of the barber was quite evident, which led me to ask him if he was trained by Truefitt & Hill. I learnt that he was trained by experts from London. Post the cut, there was another hair wash followed by conditioning, which was again suited to my hair type.

The next was what they are known for, the a�?royal shavea��. This impressed me immensely. It consists of four to five steps of skin treatments before you are actually shaved! They start by softening the skin and opening the pores by using a hot towel wipe, followed by an application of the Truefitt & Hill shave oil, which further softens the skin and creates a layer of protection at the base of the skin, preventing cuts and burns. After another quick wipe with a hot towel, the shaving cream was applied. The shaving cream again has options for dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. After the shave, the skin was washed with a wet cloth, thereby closing the pores. It was then moisturised with an aftershave cream. Overall, men in the city have got something truly luxurious for their needs. It is Brit style at its best and given their portfolio of previous clients like Frank Sinatra, Alfred Hitchcock, Sir Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde, Ia��m not surprised.

Rs 1,300 upwards, At 12th Main, Indiranagar. Details: 9880085432
As told to Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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