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    Want to travel but dona��t know where to start? These experts chart trips ranging from hilly treks to trails of historical places

    Moving on from mundane sightseeing trips, new age travellers are looking for immersive experiences that involve learning, experiences and adventure. Interestingly, a crop of travel experts are tailor-making these engaging itineraries for them. a�?People want to become entrepreneurs and travel is an industry that is booming,a�? says Santhosh Kumar, 40, the founder of Bengaluru-based travel venture Get Off Ur Ass, about this bunch who are facilitating quirky plans like sailing experiences and history trails. Read on:

    Text: Mayuri J Ravi

    Chinna Reddy | 29, 1
    Royal Madras Yacht Club

    Having grown up learning to swim, sail and surf with the Sea Cadet Corps in Visakhapatnam, Chinna Reddya��s tryst with the sea began when he was around eight years old. In 2011, he moved to Chennai as a coach at the Royal Madras Yacht Club and apart from being an instructor, Reddy conducts two-day sailing tours to Pulicat on weekends. a�?People are taught how to sail and understand weather conditions. We also go for a trek and bird watching,a�? says Reddy. He plans to conduct a four-day sailing tour to Rameswaram in December, the longest conducted by the RMYC till date. Details: facebook.com/Royal-Madras-Yacht-Club-100798713299100

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    When Kalaiyarasan and his friend Dineshkumar set out to visit the historical places in the Tamil novel Ponniyin Selvan, they realised that others might be interested in it too. Thus TourBee was born this April. Their two-day trip will cover 11 places, from Veeranam Lake to Buddha Vihar in Nagapattinam and their first Ponniyin Selvan trail will take place on November 14-15. a�?We take care of travel and accommodation, but not food,a�? he says. Post this, he plans to organise another trip based on the historic novel Sivagamiyin Sabatham (about a Pallava king) a�� a tour to Mahabalipuram. This computer science graduate also plans to launch a mobile app in January and promises to explore possibilities with other interesting novels too. Details: facebook.com/TourBee-599935453442211/info

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    Chennai Weekend Extroverts

    Rahul Kumar started the Chennai Weekend Extroverts in August 2014 to find like-minded individuals who love travel and adventure. a�?The places that we visit depends on where the majority of us want to go. We have a group on WhatsApp, where everyone suggests ideas,a�? he says, adding, a�?We generally conduct one or two-day trips.a�? So far, they have been on photography walks, surfing events with the recent one being Covelong Surf Festival, bike trips to Pondicherry, Nagalapuram, Tada and Pulicat Lake. a�?It is free to be part of the group, but if wea��re going to paid events, the individuals joining us have to contribute,a�? says Kumar, who hopes to conduct trips for rafting and rappelling, and plans to expand by having small groups in various other cities. Details: facebook.com/Chennai-Weekend-Adventure-689649321123380

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    Sujai Karthik, 29, 5

    WoodsandTrails & ViajnDia

    Sujai Karthik, who started WoodsandTrails in Bengaluru, expanded operations to Tamil Nadu earlier this year. WoodsandTrails is all about exploring and tailor-makes trips for locals who would like to trek and camp. But the 29-year-old BTech graduate has something that also caters to the expats in the city. a�?I wanted to promote the culture and heritage of India. WoodsandTrails did not fit in with that concept and thata��s when ViajnDia was created,a�? he says. The itineraries are created based on the budget and the experience the customers wish to have. From Kanchipuram to Pondicherry and Thanjavur to Thiruvananthapuram, ViajnDia offers several destinations. a�?My next goal is to target school children to teach them camping and surviving skills,a�? Karthik shares his plan for the future.

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    Vishal Kothari | 27,4

    The word Fernweh, which means wanderlust in German, sums up what travel is to Vishal Kothari and his team. His eight-member team includes his sister, sister-in-law and wife. Apart from personal holidays, they also conduct corporate trips. Each member of his team has travelled extensively, and that makes it easier for them to plan. a�?Since we are a small team we make sure we manage only three packages per month,a�? Kothari insists. Though there are offers from Kochi and Bengaluru to open franchises, Kothari is not ready yet. He does inform us that by February they will launch an online reservation system. Details: 42042425

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