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Adil Jal Darukhanawalaa��sA�book on the BenzA�motorsport heritage isA�as engrossing asA�the three-pointedA�star race cars

THE book Mercedes-Benz Winning is bound toA�delight the cara��s many fans and the racingA�team from the brand. Written by Adil Jal
Darukhanawala, its 400-odd pages are abundantA�in illustrations, rare photographs andA�detailed accounts of the car makera��s origins.
But what really sets this one apart from otherA�tomes on automotive history is the attention toA�detail and the joyful narration that strings
each of the 42 sections of the book together.A�QuicksilverA�Darukhanawala, an autoA�journalist and editorA�(Zeegnition) of formidable
repute, is known to ensureA�that his readers do not missA�out on any of the intricaciesA�of the machinery heA�reports on. This qualityA�stands out on all the pages,A�too. Whether ita��s theA�complicated business tiesA�between engine builderA�Daimler and AustrianA�diplomat/enthusiast Emil Jellinek (father ofA�the eponymous Mercedes) or the descriptionA�of the 1914 Mercedes Grand Prix racing car,A�each historical landmark is lucidly laid out for
the reader and supplemented with sepia-tonedA�details. If youa��re just leafing through WinningA�like a coffee table book, some of the picturesA�will compel you to pause and read further. ForA�instance, the radical design on the 1939 landspeedA�record Mercedes is worthy of a book of
its own. As you flip on, the black-and-whiteA�gives way to colour, where Adil delves into theA�Silver Arrowsa�� (the nickname for the MercedesA�liveried formula cars) dominance on the racetracksA�in recent times.

Road to India
For Indian readers, the second half recountsA�Mercedesa�� association with our country. ThisA�part debunks certain misconceptions (the
first car in India may or may not have been anA�Oldsmobile) and throwsA�light on how the mammothA�Mercedes trucks made
their way to India. There isA�even a link drawn betweenA�the lack of diesel MercedesA�trucks in the Indian ArmyA�fleet and the 1962 Chinese
Aggression. The authorA�emphasises that the bookA�is not an attempt at narratingA�all of Mercedes-Benza��sA�history, but it definitely captures
the triumphant spirit of the marqueA�through its 120 years of existencea��from theA�1894 Paris-Rouen Trials, known as the worlda��sA�first motor race, to the winning streak at theA�2014 Formula 1. The writing in Winning is fast,A�frenetic and ambitious, making it a worthyA�addition to an auto enthusiasta��s book shelf.A�Rs 4,500. Details: amazon.in

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