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    Old techniques take on modern forms in Suneet Varma’s collection for Arttd’inox

    Designer Suneet Varma talks about steel like it’s a yard of fabric sourced for one of his many luxurious couture lines. “Some of the designs take inspiration from Banarasi saris and Mughal architecture,” he says, referring to his latest collection of tableware essentials for Arttd’inox, known for their stainless steel home decor products and kitchenware.
    The line is a reinterpretation of age old techniques with a distinct contemporary approach. Take the parats (a kind of deep plate) for example. “The large and small parats are created by hand. Each one is beaten individually, giving each piece a unique personality,” explains Varma, adding, “The collection is in sync with my design philosophy of delving into the past and creating contemporary products for a luxurious modern life.”
    Apart from these, the range also includes bowls, vases, cutlery and more. The bowls have been given the ‘chitai’ treatment, through which metal is beaten with a hammer to create floral patterns. Tying in again with the concept of reinventing the past, they take inspiration from the earliest shapes of utensils discovered from the Indus Valley civilization.
    The square-shaped vases bear jali patterns and Swarovski crystals on the surface and have been coated in rose gold and dark bronze, while the cutlery, is hand-engraved and hammer beaten and covered in 18-carat gold. However, it’s a set of steel boxes that is the highlight, having been embellished with baroque pearls in rose quartz, creme and grey.
    And though he’s just launched the collection in Bengaluru, Varma is already working on his next line for Arttd’inox.
    `3,150 up. At Cinna-mon, Gangadhar Chetty Road. Details: 25367888
    — Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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