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    Raji Anand showcases a traditional South Indian aesthetic with her jewellery at an exclusive trunk show.

    FEATURING a fusion of old world charm and contemporary fashion, the vivacious Raji Anand isA�presenting a stunning new range of statement jewellery in an exclusive trunk show, Style and Statement, starting today. The 30-something accessories queen tells us, a�?In keeping with my forte, I have designed necklaces and earrings inspired by the South Indian aesthetic.a�? The city-based designer launched her brand four years back and now her fans include the likes of actress/politician Khusboo, actress Ramya Krishnan and hotelier Nina Reddy, among many others.
    The army brat who professes to be a�?basically South Indiana��, and traces her roots back to Chennai and Hyderabad, is known for transforming classic temple jewellery motifs such as the mangai (mango), annam (peacock), temple bells, nandis and geometric kolam into one-of-a-kind pieces. Anand lends a new avatar to her designs by using silk thread, brass mixed with alloys, sequins, tribal coins, and even pipes to create her newest line of bold jewellery. a�?Frankly, anything which has character or texture is incorporated in my range. All my jewellery is hand-crafted and one necklace takes at least two full days to create.a�?
    We love her over-sized jhumka-bali with kolam-inspired drops of green and red stone and the three-tiered jhumkas infused with faux pearls and sapphire-hued stones, among a host of other designs. We also loved the two-tiered necklace on black velvet incorporating both tribal silver-hued spikes and faux-pearl temple ornaments, the gold-plated Maharashtrian-motif necklace with the unexpected green Kerala manga pendant and much more. Known for her bold designs, Anand recently showcased her work at the Chennai Couture Week, and promises, a�?My newest line has a few more delicate pieces, too,a�? that is also available at the online boutique Parisera.
    July 8 and 9, at Home & Style boutique, Rs 1,500 onwards.
    Details: 42011793

    a�� Shibi Kumaramangalam


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