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    After a four-year hiatus, Wolfa��s Lair returns with a new musicA� video and a performance at the Museum Theatre.

    Deep socio-political messages, interspersed with a fair bit of growling. Thata��s what youa��ll hear if you listen closely to the hi-octane tunes, like Kill Zone, crafted by metal act, Wolfa��s Lair. The Chennai-based melodic power metal band returns this weekend, after a four-year hiatus, to perform at the Museum Theatre. a�?After recording two full-length albums as Blood & Iron, we underwent some lineup changes (in 2011) and emerged as Wolfa��s Lair. But shortly after recording our eponymous four-track EP in 2012, we all decided to take a break and tend to our personal affairs. We are extremely psyched for our come-back gig as it will feature a guest appearance by popular Bengaluru-based drummer, Kishan Balaji,a�? explains 30-year-old frontman Mark Thomas, adding that hea��ll be sharing the stage with Arun Daniel (bass), Vivin Kuruvilla (keyboards), Manu Krishnan (drums), Senehasish Koch and Pharez Mervyn (guitars).Aggressive tones
    Though the band is named after Adolf Hitlera��s military headquarters, Thomas is quick to explain that for them, as a power metal band, all it denotes is a�?a place of strengtha�? and that they have no Nazi affiliations whatsoever! In fact, their record Kill Zone is on the plight of Tamil people in Sri Lanka and New World Disorder revolves around how the rest of the planet views the socio-political troubles in India. a�?Besides releasing a new music video for New World Disorder and recording a yet-to-be-titled nine-track album, we have plans to hit the South Indian live gig circuit with possible dates in Bengaluru, Kochi and Hyderabad,a�? concludes the dentist-turned-vocalist, who opened for the renowned Swedish heavy metal band, HammerFall, in 2010.
    Tomorrow,A�fromA�5.30 pmA�onwards.Tickets fromA� Rs 400 onwards. Details:A�bookmyshow.com

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