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    CHENNAI-based jewellery designer Raji Ananda��s new neck pieces are going online soon, and this time her collection takes her experiments with fusion a notch higher.

    a�?My reconstructed jewellery pieces are heavily influenced by South Indian aesthetics and culture, drawing influences from temple jewellery as well,a�? says Anand, whose four new pieces are faithful to her line of thought a�� old world charm blended with new age sensibilities.

    metal 1However, these new pieces are in a way a first for Anand. a�?I have used gheroo beads (polished beads) a lot more in these pieces than before. Plus the north-meets-south elements are also stronger. For instance, therea��s a Krishna pendant, which is typical to Jaipur, fused with the Kerala manga motif that Ia��ve used to highlight the gold. I think these pieces will work really well with something like a kota or a bandhaniA�sari,a�? she explains.

    Ananda��s clientele is discerning, and a lot of them buy their saris from the north, but like to have the south Indian element in their jewellery. a�?These new pieces however can be worn with anything,a�? Anand says, adding, a�?A gown, or even a pair of jeans and a vest. Whata��s important is that you feel confident in these pieces.a�?

    Needless to say, Ananda��s jewellery is rarely understated; she enjoys playing with bold motifs, and to create statements with her jewellery, be it with the earrings, embellished hair bands, rings, kadas, bangles, or the bracelets that she makes.

    And therea��s more good news for fans of Anand; the self-taught designer is partnering with Parisera, the online store she retails at, to create a line of lightweight jewellery. They will be paired by a range of affordable saris available on the website.

    The new pieces will be available by the end of March. Rs.8,000 onwards. Details: parisera.com om
    a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


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