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    Designer Chandrashekhar MV introduces a line of beaten metal jewellery Ai??
    Processed with MOLDIVFor 17 years now, the reclusive Chandra-shekhar MV of Metaphor has been working his magic with textiles ai??i?? creating new ones and fashioning luxurious silks and khadi into striking garments. However, crafting a line of metal jewellery has always been on his mind ai??i?? a personal project for which he has now put certain others on hold. ai???We do make accessories like stoles and sometimes even jewellery from yarn. But this is a full-fledged line and lately, most of my time has been consumed by it,ai??? shares the designer.
    Initially, the plan was to craft everything from scratch ai??i?? melting metal, adding dyes and creating moulds before turning out the final product. A lack of the right equipment, however, steered him in the direction of hand-beaten jewellery, which Processed with MOLDIVhe finds far more satisfying. ai???The pieces are not technology-driven. Here, imperfections are celebrated, because the beauty lies in the fact that they are all handmade,ai??? he says.
    The statement necklaces and earrings are made from locally sourced aluminium, copper and brass. Borrowing from his apparel line, the jewellery also sees an interplay of textures, subtle colours and fine lines. The metal is beaten with three different kinds of hammers ai??i?? rounded, pointed and flat ai??i?? to create the desired effect. ai???We donai??i??t need to look outside for inspiration. The inspiration is the material itself. For us, business is incidental. The journey is infinitely more exciting,ai??? says Chandrashekhar, who admits that he is still perfecting his jewellery-making skills.
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    Geometrical shapes are contrasted by crudely shaped design elements, such as copper flowers and brass discs. Graphic, visual and aesthetically pleasing, the ornaments, Chandrashekhar says, are not designed keeping anyone in mind. ai???Weai??i??ve always been very inclusive and weai??i??ll continue to be. Itai??i??s for anyone who finds it beautiful,ai??? he says, adding, ai???The pieces are very primordial, rustic and primitive. The inconsistencies and imperfections are highlighted. Today, technology has made perfection easy. Creating something with your bare hands is much harder and hence more special. Weai??i??re trying to do redefine beauty.ai???
    Rs 1,500 upwards. At Jayanagar. Details: metaphorstudio.in
    ai??i?? Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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