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    Radio is a medium that can offer a presenter much more than just jockeying a three-hour on-air show. Ita��s a platform that allows the hosts to figure out his/her strengths and, thus, bring out their hidden talents. Once that is achieved, ita��s the consumers of radio who start to offer opportunitiesa��like singing, voicing, hosting, writing, theatre or even actinga��leaving you pleasantly surprised. The next step is to prove that you can undertake a more specialised responsibility.
    A lot of presenters have tried different career moves. While some have succeeded in making the bucks from an alternative path, others are still on the quest to find another source of income. To be honest, the money offered to a majority of radio presenters is ridiculously low. So ita��s not surprising that you have presenters trying to figure out how to move their bank balance northwards. But why do presenters bite the bullet? Well, for a lot of them, the medium could be their only chance and so they accept peanuts.
    Where presenters sometimes get the game wrong is when they back themselves into something that is not their strength. When it comes to the voice-over industry, ita��s only the ones who have standards who are called back. Anyone can be a radio jockey, but not everyone can be a voice-over artiste. The same goes for the big screen. Not all radio jockeys are actors, but a few have definitely crossed the line with flying coloursa��like Ayushman Khurana, Shiv Pandit and our very own Shiva, BigFM Balaji and soon, Ajai Titus.
    Nikhil Chinappa is not only a name on radio and televisiona��hea��s literally pioneered the electronic dance music revolution in the country with his mixes when he spins. All of the above mentioned have had time to identify their core strengths, which they have successfully turned into another career. Thata��s one way of laughing your way to the bank. See you next week with more radio talk.
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