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    More on your expectations.
    Wea��re obviously looking for their basics to be in place. Software knowledge if they are composers, awareness of their instruments if they are instrumentalists, etc. But the edge that we are looking for is honesty. Unique compositions not rip-offs or a�?inspireda�� by artistes from elsewhere.

    What drew you to the show?
    When we started out back in 1998, we were quite naA?ve and raw. Wea��re excited that there is a platform such as the Step Up by Johnnie Walker to encourage the burst of independent musicians and give them an opportunity to reach a wider audience. We wish we had this opportunity back in the day! Ita��s going to be inspiring for many, to see raw talent being honed and encouraged to step up.

    Behind the scenes.
    The atmosphere in the studio is going to be fun and light, and thata��s going to be entertaining to watch. Whata��s even better is that ita��s all-digital which means ita��s going to be really easy to access. One could even catch it on the move on their phones and we think the show will definitely do well with the young adults.


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