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Urban Eatery, the new Gen X space in Habsiguda, lines up all things sugary, spicy, cheesy and greasy

When friends Prem, Rahul, Ayush and Saikrishna, who like to be known by their first names alone, brainstormed about their dream food startup in early February 2016 at their regular hangout spot ai??i?? Makers of Milkshakes outlet at Kharkhana ai??i?? they made a list of foods that are sought by the younger generation. Basically all things sweet, cheesy, greasy and quick. Then with a vengeance, they put them all in one menu to launch their new and stylish place called Urban Eatery. Expect noodles, momos, shawarma, fusion dosas and milkshakes in the lineup.

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That they opened this one-floor, barely 600-sq feet space bang in the middle of Habsiguda which boasts of a multitude of dining options shows that the four 20-plussers are super confident of their venture. ai???Urban Eatery is a bit like a drive-in concept, without the road and parking space of course. Here we have the best of what the collegians and IT crowd (Genpact is in the vicinity) love, curated under one roof,ai??? says Sai. The restaurant features four franchisees ai??i?? Makers of Milkshakes, Aaha Dosa, Sultanai??i??s Wrap and Noodles & Rice.

Funky interiors

Opened two weeks ago, the place flaunts quirky interiors with a bicycle mounted on a wall, silhouettes of Harley Davidson bikes painted on the others besides chairs in metallic yellow and brown and a lounge space for a private party. The best spot, however, is the little outdoor space with a shack-like feel. The interiors are done up using ropes (tied across horizontal metallic poles in a zig-zag fashion) and wooden benches.

Ayush, who owns Sultanai??i??s Wrap and has introduced shawarma to the upmarket Habsiguda says,ai???He quit IT firm ADP to follow his passion. Whatai??i??s their background like? ai???Eating,ai??? quip Sai and Ayush.

The variety

The milkshake section has innovations like Paan shake, where the traditional meetha paan is blended into a milkshake to create a viscous shake that is filling and tasty. ai???Compared to shakes on the street, we offer healthy ones fortified with corn flakes and other secret ingredients to make it rich in proteins and low in calories,ai??? explains Sai. About the shawarma, Ayush adds, ai???Luckily, there is a quality chicken mart next door that ensures we use fresh stock always.ai??? In the dosa section, the must-try is the double red and green spiced variety where they smear your ordinary dosa to glorify it into a masterpiece with a thick paste of green chilli (popular in Telangana) and red chilli (borrowed from neighbouring sister state Andhra Pradesh) plus ginger and garlic paste and oodles of ghee.Timing: 7 am to 11 pm. Meal for two at `800, Details: 9704359597

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