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    First time author Subramanian S Kalpathi tells us what drives todaya��s young workforce.

    WithA� opinionA�articles on and for the millennial generation constantly trending in the web space, 32-year-oldA�Subramanian S Kalpathi examines what makes Generation Y tick in The Millennials: Exploring the World of the Largest Living Generation. Having researched for over two years, including scoping out case studiesA�of firms such as Ola, Beroe, HCL, InMobi, Make A Difference, Makersa�� Asylum, Wello Waterwheel, Big Basket and others, the Mumbai-based HR professionalA�tells us that he hopes to illustrate the motivations andA�goals of this generationA�of workforce in his book. When asked what sets his work apart from otherA�literature on the subject, Kalpathi says, a�?It aims to stay away from stereotypes, clichA�s and quick-fixes, and lays out the broad context that millennials operate in, before diving into the case studies.a�?A�Here are Kalpathia��s five pointers on what employees belonging to this generation look for or expect from their jobs:

    ?A�A� The opportunity to learn and grow: Works best for talented millennials who want to realise their potential by way
    of personal and professional growth.

    ?A�A� Finding purpose:A� For many millennials whoa��ve grown up in relative abundance compared to their elders, finding meaning and purpose in what they do becomes an unstated need.
    ?A�A� Open and transparent communication: With instant feedback available through digital apps on their smartphones, millennials love to have this at the workplace as well, across several different aspects.

    ?A�A� Living the values: Many millennials may be unwilling to work for employers who dona��t walk the talk when it comes to living their values.

    ?A�A� Camaraderie: Working in a close-knit team, having access to a fail-safe environment, and a dose of funa��all are definitely a plus.

    Published by Penguin Random House. `299. Pre-order at amazon.in

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