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    Dhanyam Organics ventures into handmade.

    To THOSE whoa��ve been regulars at Dhanyam, the city-based organic grocery store, the handmade bookmarks available at the counters are a familiar sight. If youa��ve loved those, youa��ll definitely fall in love with Yaksha, the new line of curated handmade products launched by Dhanyama��s co-owner Thendral Madhusoodhanan. From traditional cookware (think copper jugs, iron skillets and kalchattis) to jewellery made of tamarind seeds and neem seeds by Tamil Nadu-based Rope Seed Jewellery, each product exhibited at this six-month-old endeavour is handpicked by Madhusoodhanan herself. a�?As a concept, it has always been there alongside Dhanyam. But, I thought we werena��t doing justice to the products. Thata��s why we launched Yaksha, inspired by the tree spirits who are revered in folk tales as patrons of art,a�? begins entrepreneur.

    The right pick
    Sourced during her travels across the country over last two years, one of the most striking elements among her ensemble is the handloom sari collection, which includes the 1,000 butta saris from Kanchipuram, dotted with rudraksh motifs (with one piece taking over 20 days to complete). a�?We have over 600 saris including Maheshwaris and Sambalpuri ikats, sourced directly from the weavers. I am also hoping to collect weaves from Kutch and the North East,a�? adds Madhusoodhanan, who designs terracotta jewellery sets inspired by the colours and motifs of her handloom collections (`2,000 onwards). Apart from apparel and accessories, Yaksha is also keen on reviving dying traditions of iron and stone vessels by collaborating with artisans from Shenkottai and Sirkazhi.a�?Wea��ll be opening another Yaksha store at Velachery in a couple of weeks,a�? she concludes.

    Saris from Rs 1,500 -Rs 15,000
    At Adyar. Details: 28157654

    a�� Arya P Dinesh


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